Tulips design landscaping

Tulips design landscaping

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Tulips design landscaping

Areas where people live and work will not be designed to support their particular plants, says this Dutch garden-designer. It will, however, support all kinds of food production.

Forget green spaces. These days, we're talking about green roofs, which are built on the roofs of houses and built environments.

It's just one aspect of a new green infrastructure movement that's sprouting up all over the world.

It has taken a while for this new idea to sink in, mainly because at first it seemed as though it couldn't possibly be right. People are always saying how green the air is and how they need to breathe it, and they really do. But there are many other ways to be green than making air a bit fresher, such as planting a garden, and that's what green roofs are all about.

The idea is that we are going to build roofs that are built with green materials, such as trees, plants and recycled materials, so that they can act as a greenhouse for urban plants. The idea is that they will provide a kind of extra habitat for plants, and this might also help us use them for food, though not for energy. This project is very interesting because you can see that the design is part of the whole.

At first, people thought that these ideas were only suitable for roofs of old houses because of the way they were built. But new construction techniques, such as composite boards, have made the roofs much more stable, and this means that this idea can be applied to new houses as well.

There is one disadvantage, though. To date, this idea has been more successful with small-scale roofs, as these can be better protected against leaks. Bigger, flat roofs are less stable and much more prone to leaks. And most of the current roof systems can't hold up against wind or other force of nature.

The idea of having green roofs and green buildings has been around for quite a while, but there are also some interesting examples of projects that were designed by the Dutch Green Building Council to be sustainable and to produce zero emissions. This project in Utrecht is a great example of such a project. If you happen to be in the Netherlands, this is a nice place to visit for a green holiday.

The project uses sustainable concrete for its base, which consists of the greenhouse (a large, transparent greenhouse that can be opened and closed), the walls, and the roofs. Each of these has its own purpose and the green roofs also provide insulation and a good ventilation.

I've seen a lot of green roofs and plants lately, and it is always interesting to see what will grow on them, what they will be used for and what will change the landscape of our cities and neighbourhoods. It also adds a new level of attractiveness to old buildings, especially old ones that aren't always as nice as they look from the outside. Hopefully more projects will be built like this one in Utrecht. If you happen to be there and you'd like to visit one, you can check it out on the Green Building Council website.

Have you ever visited a building or a neighbourhood that's unique in some way? Any place that you'd like to share or that stands out for you?

I'm a little bit behind on my writing schedule these days. I apologize if there are some posts that came out a day late and if I posted something twice. I think that the first and the last are most noticeable, but both of them are only minor inconveniences. Hopefully things will go better in the next few weeks. The best news of all is that I'm working in my own flat this week, which means I have a lot of time to write. In fact, I've been working on the next posts for this week in my own time and haven't even had time to post them here. The first one is a list of ten things you should do on your free time. I'm planning to publish them in the next days.

Have you ever been to a city you've never been to before? Do you find that you like it or are you disappointed?

Another week, another post! This time, I'll show you the things I did in my own flat, which is quite a change from the last two posts.

Since the last post, I've had a chance to hang out with friends more. I've been going to the cinema twice and to a couple of concerts. On the first concert, I discovered a new band called The Morning After. It has a lot of good tunes and the lead singer even has a voice I like a lot. It's the first time I've listened to The Mellow and the other guy, Nick. I've met them a couple of times and they're really nice guys, so if you like their music, I'd recommend listening to them. The only downside of the concert is the location

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