Detailed description and characteristics of the tomato variety grandmother's secret

Detailed description and characteristics of the tomato variety grandmother's secret

Despite the fact that Babushkin's secret tomato is relatively new, it has already attracted the attention of many gardeners. After all, it has a high yield and ease of grooming, thanks to which even beginners can cope with this variety. You will learn a detailed description of the characteristics of this variety from the article.

Characteristics and description of the grandmother's secret variety

Tomato Babushkin's Secret was developed in Siberia and entered into the State Register in 2007. Since it is considered an indeterminate variety, the height of the bush reaches 180 cm. A powerful stem with a small number of leaves, ends with a fibrous rhizome, which grows strongly to the sides. In order for a plant to grow normally and receive useful elements from the soil, it requires a large area. Due to the fact that there are few leaves on the stem, the crop ripens more evenly.

Tomato Babushkin's secret is a real gift for gardeners, because the fruits can be harvested as early as 110-115 days after seed germination. On each bush, about 8 fruitful shoots with 3-5 ovaries are formed.

You can grow this variety in a greenhouse, on the street or in a greenhouse, but in the latter case, the fruits will grow slightly lower.

Since the best yields can be obtained indoors, Babushkin's Secret tomato can be grown in almost any area.

Description of fruits:

  • round shape, slightly flattened on top;
  • pinkish skin tone;
  • tomato weight - 300-600 g;
  • the pulp is sweet and fleshy.

The purpose of the variety is salad, therefore it is recommended to eat these tomatoes fresh.

Advantages and disadvantages of tomato

Gardeners who are engaged in the cultivation of this variety, note its pros and cons. The main advantages include:

  • increased yield - up to 17 kg;
  • large fruit sizes - with proper agricultural technology, the size of tomatoes can reach 1 kg;
  • long fruiting;
  • pleasant taste.

The disadvantages of the variety include cracking of the fruit caused by high humidity. Also, the tomato Babushkin's secret practically does not tolerate transportation, and while growing on the street it gets sick.

Planting seeds

You can start sowing seeds for seedlings in the first part of March. This will require sod land, which is pre-mixed with sand or humus. It is also permissible to purchase ready-made soil that has an optimal composition of nutrients. Planting in peat tablets is good because in the future you will not need to pick plants.

Before sowing seeds, you need to process them in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, or in solutions such as "Epin" or "Zircon", which prevent possible infection.

In the prepared seedling box, grooves are made with a depth of 2 cm, at a distance of 2 cm between them, which are then spilled with warm water from a spray bottle. After the seeds are laid out in the grooves, they are covered with earth, and then the seedling boxes are covered with a thin transparent film. When 2 leaves appear on the surface, the seedlings are transplanted into separate cups, for which it is best to use peat pots.

Despite the fact that tomatoes tolerate picking well, it is recommended not to injure their rhizome once again, so as not to slow down its growth. If you use peat pots, then you can transplant tomatoes into the ground without getting them.

Plant transplant

Before planting seedlings in the greenhouse, the plants must be hardened. To do this, at the end of April, in warm and sunny weather, you need to take out boxes with seedlings to the balcony or street.

The preparation of the soil in the greenhouse is equally important. First, several beds are formed in it, the number of which directly depends on the width of the greenhouse. You need to prepare the beds 7 days before planting the plants in the ground. The distance between the rows should be 65 cm, and between the holes 75 cm.

Before planting, add sawdust and humus to the ground at the rate of 1 bucket per 1 m² of land. After that, the soil is poured with a hot solution of potassium permanganate of a slightly pink color, which will disinfect it from possible diseases.

Tomato seedlings are transplanted into the greenhouse at the age of 50 days. The soil should be prepared by this time.

Sand and a pinch of fertilizer are poured into each hole when planting seedlings.

Tomato growing conditions

Watering the seedlings is carried out regularly, but care must be taken to ensure that there is no high moisture in the soil, which contributes to cracking of fruits and plant diseases. The best option is watering once every 5-7 days. To prevent high humidity, it is imperative to loosen the soil. This can be done using vents, which should be located not only on the end walls, but also on the roof.

No less than watering, the feeding of the Granny's secret tomato is also important, which are carried out 3-5 times during the growing season. You can apply organic fertilizers and mineral-based feeding, which alternate with each other.

Since the bushes of the Granny's Secret tomato are tall, they are tied to a trellis or ropes immediately after planting, and the plant must be formed into one stem. For maximum yield, pinch the growing point at the required height.

Since the tomato Babushkin's secret grows in a greenhouse, then for the appearance of fruits you need to artificially pollinate its flowers. To do this, they need to be gently shaken in sunny weather. Immediately after pollination, water the soil and lightly spray the tomato flowers. After a few hours, it is necessary to lower the humidity in the greenhouse, for which it is necessary to open all the vents.

If everything is done correctly, it will be possible to harvest until the frost.

Diseases and prevention

In order to prevent the occurrence of diseases in the tomato Babushkin's secret, which is grown indoors, it is necessary to pay special attention to the preparation of the soil before planting seedlings. It must be disinfected with potassium permanganate or biological preparations.

There are also a large number of modern biological products that protect tomatoes from diseases and pests. You can buy them, as well as get advice on their use, in specialized stores.

The development of diseases can be provoked by:

  • too dense planting;
  • pests;
  • weeds;
  • high humidity.

It is quite easy to cope with these reasons, which will prevent such tomato diseases as powdery mildew, late blight, spotted mosaic. When diseased bushes appear, they must be immediately removed from the garden and burned to prevent further infection.

Tomato Babushkin's secret is not in vain popular with gardeners, because even a beginner can easily cope with it, having achieved high yields. It is enough to follow all the agricultural techniques of its cultivation and it will be possible to enjoy tasty and large fruits before the onset of the first frost.

Tomato Babushkin's secret - a description of the variety with a photo

Tomato variety Babushkin's secret is relatively new. And he has already managed to prove himself on the good side with large fruits and great taste. Tomatoes of this variety have become favorites of most gardeners, who are happy to plant them in their plots. The article will allow you to get acquainted with the main characteristics of the variety, the peculiarities of cultivation and care.

Characteristics and description of the variety

Grandma's secret is the indeterminate layer of tomatoes. The bush of the plant, on which 7-8 clusters with large and fairly dense fruits develop at the same time, rises by 1.7-1.8 meters. To stop this growth, gardeners have to pinch the plant in the place of active growth. The variety has a powerful root system and a strong stem that can withstand heavy loads, and dense wrinkled leaves perfectly protect the plant from the sun's rays.

Planting tomatoes in a greenhouse

Before planting seedlings in the greenhouse, they must be hardened in advance. This should be done at the end of April, when the weather will be warm and sunny. During hardening, containers with seedlings are periodically taken out into the street or balcony.

Greenhouse preparation

During flowering, tomatoes need to be ventilated, so you should take care of the vents in advance. It is very important that they are not only at the ends, but also on top. You also need to take care of the lighting. The sun's rays must enter the greenhouse throughout the day.

Soil preparation

First, several beds are made along the greenhouse. Their number directly depends on the width of the structure. The beds should be made a week before planting seedlings in the ground. The holes should be 75 cm wide and the row spacing 65 cm.

Also, all the beds must be fertilized in advance with sawdust and humus. One bucket of fertilizer is consumed per square meter. After that, the soil is watered with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, heated to 50-60 degrees.


First, from the containers where the seedlings were grown, seedlings are taken, which have grown to 30 cm in height. At the same time, it is not necessary to deeply bury the bushes into the ground. It is enough to place only the root of the plant in the soil, and leave the stem above the ground. Many begin to water the seedlings immediately after planting, but this can be done only after 10-15 days.

Features of planting and growing tomato Babushkin's secret

Grandma's secret in growing has no secrets: everything is done in the same way as for most indeterminate medium-ripening tomatoes bearing large tomatoes. By sowing seeds in a garden bed, you can grow it only in the very south, you have to sow seeds in boxes and grow seedlings.


In most regions, sowing seeds for seedlings is carried out around the middle of March, unless further cultivation of Grandma's secret is expected in a good greenhouse: then you can sow seeds at the beginning of the month or even at the end of winter. The seedlings can be transferred to the garden bed about two months after germination, but a week will be spent waiting for them. All operations for growing seedlings are traditional and include:

  • seed preparation (calibration, disinfection, hardening and possibly germination)
  • soil preparation (or just buying it in the store)
  • sowing seeds in a box or box
  • temperature drop to 16-18 ° С immediately after germination for 4-6 days
  • picking into pots of stage 1–2 true leaves
  • moderate watering
  • hardening a week before planting in the garden.

Getting good yields of large sweet tomatoes requires a good dressing of the garden with fertilizers. For 1 m 2 during digging, at least a bucket of humus, 30–40 g of superphosphate and a half-liter can of wood ash are added. Variety Babushkin's secret loves free planting, the layout of seedlings in the garden is at least 50 x 90 cm. The planting technique is usual, but it is advisable to add local fertilizer to each hole - a glass of ash and 1 tbsp. spoon of azofoska.

For high-yielding tomatoes, sometimes they don't even dig a hole, but almost a planting hole.

Immediately upon planting, it is worth driving in stakes for tying the bushes, and if possible, then build a trellis: to increase the sugar content of the fruits, they will need to be distributed in space so that they are better illuminated by the sun.

Caring for a tomato Grandma's secret is no more difficult than for others, and includes watering, loosening, removing weeds, feeding and the obligatory formation of a bush with tying up the stems and fruit brushes. It is better to water in the evening, once every 5-7 days. But with the beginning of the ripening of the fruits, watering should be stopped in order to avoid their cracking. Drip irrigation systems help a lot, when water is supplied to the roots. In greenhouse cultivation, it is important to periodically ventilate the room so that moist air does not accumulate and the greenhouse does not overheat.

The feeding scheme is usual: two weeks after planting the seedlings, at the beginning of flowering and immediately after setting the fruits. These dressings are carried out with complex fertilizers, then, once every two weeks, the bushes are watered with herbal infusion with the addition of wood ash.

If flying insects help pollination of flowers in the open field, then in greenhouses the bushes are periodically shaken slightly during flowering, having previously sprayed the flowers with water.

Tomato bushes Grandma's secret are usually formed into one stem, removing stepchildren as they appear. As the fruits appear, the leaves are also removed, covering them from the sun. The growth of the bush is limited by pinching the top soon after the formation of the seventh or eighth flower cluster: the bush will not pull out more fruits. Both the stem and the fruit clusters are tied up as the fruit becomes heavier. Since the variety is resistant to diseases, in normal weather conditions try to do without spraying with chemicals.

If the growth of the bush is not limited in time, its strength will be wasted.

Not in any climate, all the fruits of the Grandma's secret tomato that have set up have time to ripen in the garden, so at the end of summer you have to pick brown tomatoes, and if there is a threat of severe cold snaps, green ones. If the fruits have reached their normal size, they ripen well when stored.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • long-term fruiting
  • high yield
  • large fleshy fruits
  • pleasant taste without pronounced acidity.

Among the disadvantages of tomatoes of this variety, fruit cracking is noted, caused by unbalanced watering or sudden temperature changes, as well as deformations during transportation.

Growing features

In addition to tasty large fruits, a feature is the long fruiting of plants - until significant frosts appear. The peculiarities of the fruit shape were revealed - triple or double fusion of ribbed tomatoes. Sowing begins in early March at a depth of 2 cm and a distance between plants on each side of 2 cm.

For better germination, cover with polyethylene for a certain humidity and maintain a temperature of about 25 degrees. The pick is carried out when a full-fledged first sheet is formed.

When the seedlings are 50 days old, they are transplanted to a permanent place, the soil should be warmed up to 25 degrees. When grown in a greenhouse, the formation of a bush in one stem, pinching (removal of processes up to 4 cm) is required. When grown outdoors, pinching is not required.

Garter immediately upon transfer to separate supports... Top dressing until fruit formation is about 3 times. Watering at the root. Loosening as needed.

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